Featured Artist: Bettie Eubanks

Bettie Eubanks received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Jersey City State University and is a graduate of the Newark School of Fine Arts. In her youth, Ms. Eubanks was accepted into a competitive gifted young artists program which allowed her to excel and hone her natural talents.

Ms. Eubanks has received numerous awards and artist recognitions, to include the Art Wellness Award for her work with Sisters Network Inc., a full scholarship to Parsons School of Design, as well as commissions to create several signature pieces for nonprofit groups and private collections.

Ms. Eubanks takes an active role in community art development, sharing her love of art through volunteer service projects in her local Palm Coast community. An active member of the Palm Coast Arts Foundation, Ms. Eubanks has created signature pieces for their local service projects and annual festivals. Ms. Eubanks has also contributed her work to the Mayo Clinic Art at the Bedside program and the Urban Youth Can Paint series.   

As the artist explains, “Our days are a constant infusion of information and expression…art is the unique opportunity to decidedly infuse our souls with joy and possibility.”

For more information about Ms. Eubanks, please visit: www.bettieeubanks.com.